Before coming to the types of dim sum,  we shall discuss what is a dim sum?

A dim sum is a Chinese food recipe.  It is a bite-sized food recipe and is served in small steamer dishes.

Dim sum is usually served with tea. You may call it as an appetizer in Chinese cuisine.

On our reader’s request,  I am writing about some quick dim sum recipes which are also easy tom at home:

These rolls have a crispy outer layer, and from inside it is filled with meat of chicken or beef. It is also packed with vegetables like peas,  carrots, and onions.

They are called spring rolls because its origins come from the spring festival in China and it would be filled with harvested vegetables.

Spring rolls are easy to make if you already have bought the crispy packing layer,  you can make it ready in just thirty minutes.  It can be served with the sauce and it tastes yummy with tea.


  • Mango Pudding

Among the homemade dim sum recipes, mango pudding is the simple one. All you need to do is mix the mango custard powder and sugar in the milk.  For more taste,  you can add coconut milk instead of regular milk.  Make it and put in the refrigerator to make it chill and serve.


  • Beef Balls

These are small minced beef and citrus peel balls. These are easy to make.  Take minced meat and add the spices like salt and pepper along with the citrus peel.



Keep a bowl of water aside your working place,  and wet your hand with regular intervals. With we hand, it is easy to shape the meatballs.


  • Pearl Balls

The pearl ball consists of minced meat.  The meat can be any of your choices.  It can chicken,  beef or pork. In this recipe, we have to include crushed or sticky rice.  It is called pearl balls because when we steam the balls,  the crushed rice changes its color to the color of the pearls. Making this recipe you won’t take longer than thirty minutes.


Remember to soak the rice in a bowl of water to make them soft.  Do it several hours before making the pearl balls.  I would prefer to soak the rice overnight.

 Chinese cuisine

  • Cocktail Bun Or Coconut Bun

This bun consists of coconut sauce melted with butter in the center.  On top on of the bun,  sprinkle a layer of honey.  Serve them warm.

  • Pot Stickers

These are the most common yet popular type of dim sum and are easy to make.  It consists of crushed vegetables and minced meat inside. Its cooking technique is unique in a way that fries the potstickers from one side and steams it from the other side. In this way,  the base of the potstickers will remain crispy while soft from the top. It takes almost forty minutes to crush the vegetables and make them filled and fry.

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You can notice from above that all of these homes made dim sum recipes are simple and easy to make at home also. So it is not necessary to go to a Chinese restaurant and pay for these. Make your mind,  collect the ingredients and get ready to try and serve these delicious  Recipes along with the tea.  It’s time to impress your family and guests.


Let us know if you like our recipe and for more tasty recipes do inbox us. We are here to serve you to the fullest.