Snow Crab Legs- How to make different types of Snow Crab Legs

We are not good people; we are foody people. Our aim is to make you hungry, make your mouth watery. If you are foody and have hungry for delicious recipes, so here is a very tasty recipe for snow crab legs.

And all the information you need to know about snow crab legs. You ask why information and not just recipes? It is because you should know what are you eating. Where it comes from and how many people are affected or involved to bring food from another corner of the world to your table. Then you will understand the importance of food. Not just eat. Respect and eat.

Snow Crab

snow crab legs

Snow crabs are a kind of crabs which is called Chionoecetes and that live in the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Crabs are known in all around the world with different names, some of the names are include “Queen crab” and “Spider crab” (Main in Canada). Snow crabs prefer or their natural habitat is cold and deep water.

The Snow crab gets their icon name “SNOW CRAB” due to their color of meat (White snowy meat color). Actually Snow crab “Queen crab” is named after “King Crab”. King crab is closely relative to snow crab.

Usually, the color of the protective shell of a snow crab is brown light and a white are yellow abdomens.

snow crab legs

The mating season of the snow crab is spring because when female snow crabs hatch their larvae, the young crabs have a lot of food.

Due to their natural habitat living in cold deep water, when there is winter, then they have a difficult time to eat. So their mating and reproducing time is spring, where the newly hatched larvae eat plankton.

The larvae of a snow crab will pass through different stages before becomes a full megalops, which resemblance to a miniature crab with long tails. Now they start to look like an adult version of a crab. Snow crabs shed their shell when they are growing and their shell becomes small for them.

When a snow crab grows he shed his shell and grow a large one. During the process of shedding the shell and growing a new large one, in this period of time they are very vulnerable. When they are growing a new shell, their new grown shell is soft and any predictor can attack them and kill them.

They tent to live or hide under the rocks and corals in this shell growing process until their shell is hardened and able to defend their selves. When they have reached a certain maturity level, the molt for the final time and after that, they never molt in their life. The average lifespan of a snow crab is to estimated 20 years.

Season And Catching Method of Snow Crabs

snow crab legs

The season for Catching Snow Crab

Catching season of snow crabs is through the year. But Snow crab is mainly caught from April until November. Snow crab has the green status and snow crab is available with MSC label from Alaska.

Catching Method

cathing snow crab legs

Traditional Method

People od cold continent like Alaska, when all the land is cover in snow, mainly depend on the hunt for meat and fish. But even hunting is not easy in snowy weather.

For catching crabs, people of cold areas go to a frozen lake or ocean where crabs love to lives and especially snow crabs and king crabs.  They bring a cage with them. The people of Alaska build their own cages for catching crabs.

Then they dig a big hole into the lake. They put some meat or any other baits which crabs eat, and put the cage into the lake/ocean. Now cover the surface of the hole with a wooden or steel sheet and put some snow on it.

They mark the place and leave it for the night. On another morning they back to the lake to check their cage. This Is the traditional method or classic method for matching carbs.

Modern Method

snow crab legs

Above we discuss the method used by local people for catching crabs to eat at home and serve. Now we will tell you how to get your crabs on your table. What Method, and tools used in the process of catching crabs until it serves to you.

First of all early in the morning, Captain of the ship start his boat with his subordinates and went to the open ocean. All the subordinates prepare the cages for deployment. They clean the cages from last hunting and put fresh bait in it.

Now the captain selects the location for deploying cages and catch the crabs. His monitor all the activities below the ocean with sonar.

And select the perfect location for crabs to be in it. When they reach the location, the deploy all the cages in the oceans with baits in it, and they head out again to their base.

Next early in the morning, again they start the boat and went to the oceans where they deploy the cages. When they reach one man, with a long rod with a hook, catch the robe on the cages and pulls it out.

Another man helps him to pull out the cage. When the pull the cages from the ocean, they measure every crab, if a crab is not legal to catch they threw them in the ocean and if it’s a keeper then they keep it. As it, they pull all the cages and bring crabs to the shores.

On the shores, they go to the market and sell the crabs to the highest bidder. This is how a crab reaches to your table to be eaten.

Snow Crab Legs

Most of the meat in a crab is in the legs. It is a delicacy to eat snow crab legs and let me tell you it is a pricey delicacy. People love to eat snow crab legs because of it tender chunks of snow-white crabmeat.

Snow crab legs have a lot of meat in it, and what people love more than meat? Big chunks of Snow-white meat. Snow crab legs meat is very rich in flavors and people love it with butter and garlic.

A snow crab has six legs and all of them are full of big chunks of meat.  Mo like other crabs which you struggle to eat, snow crab legs lag big chunks and you can enjoy it to its fullest.

Snow Crab Legs Recipes

There are a lot of different methods and recipes for a snow crab legs to be cooked, but let me assure you all of them result in love. There is no right or wrong way to cook snow crab legs, it is just the way how you like it.

Some of the most flavorful and tasty recipes are mention below. You can use any of the below recipes to cook you snow crab legs and whichever your choice, you would not regret it.

Steam Snow Crab Legs


  • Water
  • Snow crab legs


Put some water in a large pot. Make sure you have a steaming basket or a strainer. The water should be below the steaming basket or strainer.

Make sure your water in the pot is hot and boiling. Now make sure your snow crab legs are not frozen, the idle temperature is to set it to room temperature.

After DE frozen the snow crab legs now put you snow crab legs into the pot on the top of steaming basket or strainer. Cover the pot and let the snow crab legs steam for 4-6 minutes.

After 4-6 minutes if steaming, your snow crab legs are ready to eat. Simple haa? The best way to eat snow crab legs is to eat it with garlic butter. Happy Eating.

Baking Snow Crab Legs


  • Snow Crab legs
  • Olive oil
  • Seasoning powder


First of all, grab your snow crab legs and give them a good wash. Giving snow crab legs a wash will do two things. First it will de-froze and secondly, it will clean up. Now your snow crab legs are ready to cook.

Take out your cooking pot and place the crab legs into the baking pot. Take some Olive oil in a bowl and mix it with your favorite seasoning, also add some minced garlic and mix everything in the olive oil. Now brush the snow crab legs with olive oil mixture.

Try to cover every inch of snow crab legs with the olive oil.  Once you are done brushing your snow crab legs with the olive oil mixture, cover the snow crab legs with some foil. Preheated the oven at 400F. place you snow crab legs in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 400F.

Yes, yes we know the snow crab is not ready but don’t worry we will put the crab legs again in the oven after applying some more olive oil on it. Again season it with your favorite season powder and put the snow crab legs in the oven for another 8-10 minutes.

Now take out your crab legs again. This time your crab legs are ready to be eaten. Eat it with garlic butter to enjoy it. Happy Eating.

Boiling Snow Crab Legs


  • Water
  • Salt
  • Snow crab legs


For of all de-froze your snow crab legs. Let it settle on the room temperature. Now take some water into a pot and put it on the stove. Add some salt to the water. Put your snow crab legs in to pot. Make sure your snow crab legs are all cover in boiling water.

Boil the crab legs on boiling water to 4-6 minutes or until heated through. Put down the pot from the stove and take out the crab legs.

Let the snow crab legs to cool until easy to hold. Use a cloth when handling snow crab legs. Twist the legs and enjoy your snow crab legs meat. Happy Eating.

Grill snow crab legs


  • Snow crab legs
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic


What is the best thing about grilling a snow crab leg? It is that you can grill it with simple ingredients and it will taste like heaven. What you need is some crab legs, Olive oil, some garlic, and a grill. So how to grill it. Simple, add some minced garlic to olive oil.

Put your crab legs into grilling put and oil down the legs with garlic oil. That’s it. Your snow crab legs are ready to go on the grill. Light your grill and heat your grill.

Now just toss the snow crab legs on the grill. Cook snow crab legs on each side for 4-5 minutes. With every turn of the side, brush the legs with olive oil. When the crab is ready to eat you will notice it from its color and aroma.

Now take off your snow crab legs and let it rest until it easy to handle. Your snow crab legs are ready to be eaten. Eat it with garlic butter or any other base/sauce which you like. I hope you like our recipe. Happy Eating.

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